David McGillivray
Hello, I’m David, an independant Digital Art Director and Designer based in New York City. I’ve spent the last 8 years helping to bring startups to life through design.

I'm a generalist - well versed in taking not much more than a good idea, and helping to turn that into a living breathing thing, from end-to-end. 
My approach towards design generally has two overarching themes; I like to make complexity feel easy, and digital experiences feel human.  I’m also a minimalist at heart working towards visual and functional elegance through simplicity.

If you’d like to talk about a project, just
“David’s style balances a thoughtful empathy for the user with the understated aesthetic of a confident artist. The results are uniquely compelling”
Craig Elbert
“David is an amazing creative partner for ambitious projects. Not only does he understand the interplay between brand, product, and experience design in a way that usually requires a large team, but he’s committed to making sure everyone is thrilled with the outcome.”
Dan Teran
“I don't totally understand how David’s brain works, but something pretty close to actual magic comes out of it.”
Maggie Winter
“David is one of a kind! He manages to distill complex business concepts into designs that are fresh, unique, and thoughtful. He’s full of empathy, and he’s got lots of verve that is beyond charming and sincere.”
Sara Kicks
“Psychologist or designer? I’m not sure. But he manages to create amazing product designs and understands how users will respond to them.”
Zac Frank
"David was exactly what we needed to take our brand to the next level. He has the rare ability to combine business strategy and goals into brilliant visual design."
Matt Dukes
“David is my go-to designer. Having had the pleasure of working with him across all of my recent endeavors, I can recommend him without hesitation.”
Ryan Quigley
“David’s an ecommerce visionary, unique to his field with both a strategic, customer-centric mind and an incredible aesthetic!”
Nidhi Kapur
“David and his work are truly excellent. A thought partner and creative leader I'd love to work with again.”
Adam Kalamchi
David McGillivray

Projects for which I've created photography concepts, and directed the photography shoot in order to create visual assets which work seamlessly with my digital designs.

Studio DMCG, Inc.
The Pencil Factory 
61 Greenpoint Ave, #513
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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